ECO-Value is the new solution for managing the separate collection of both recyclable and non - recyclable waste.
ECO-Value implements innovative PAYT / REC (pay as you throw, profit as you recycle) which is rapidly spreading all over Italy and Europe.
ECO-Value is very innovative, thanks to the many years of RED, since it applies to any method of collection (curbs side bags or bin, bells, mini or full size recycling centers), any kind of urban structure (single family houses, small down-town buildings condominiums, etc.) and any king of recyclable materials (packaging, card boards, PET and glass bottles, alu cans, steel tins, etc.)
With ECO-Value the Administration allows the management of waste convenient for everyone, because it generates:

    1. Higher and constant yield of the collection of recyclable fractions;
    2. Top-Quality of recyclable factions in order to obtain Yop Value of market;
    3. Citizen satisfaction by social justice –equity and convinience for each user;
    4. Economic benefit for the waste service operators thanks to greater productivity of the workers and reduction of withdrawal milage;
    5. Reduction of volumes and relative service costs;
    6. Lower production of waste using more eco–sustainable domestic consumption.

FABER is close to Adminitstrations and to the management of the RSU system, studying and proposing an ideal mix oftechnologies and Ecomat services, achieving the key–in–hand system and then takes care of assistance and the management according to the wishes of costumers

Latest news

Nov. 2010
Faber is on the rise for journalist in the green ...

Nov. / Dic. 2010
Also for Faber a special supplement in Ecomondo 2010...

11th nov. 2010
A treasure at the employers hands [...]”. Interview to Eng. Massimo Mendia

8th nov. 2010
Faber would like to thank everyone who visited our stand at INTERNATIONAL EXIBITION “ECOMONDO” in Rimini.

25th feb. 2010 Villaricca (Na)
At the "Siani" School, presentation of SMART and prizes for those who separate solid waste.

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