Faber has been working for over 23 years in the field of advance technologies for the environment, in particular in the area of Municipal Solid Waste.

Faber has always combined the commitment to achieve with passion for research: engineering and technologies at the service of our customers and of the environment. The area in which Faber carries out research are:

Sectors, grouped in APPLICATION:
    Waste Management
    Recyclable Waste Separate Collection
    Monitoring of marine pollution
    Monitoring of air pollution
    Management of overland fleet vehicles
    Remote control of water systems and infrastructures
    Automation of machinery and operating procedures

Sectors, grouped in TECHNOLOGIES:
    Industrial Electronics to control and adjustment
    Digitalization and image processing for control and surveillance
    Development of software
    Development of internet and telephone applications
    Wireless data transfer
    System for GPS satellite navigation, and in future, GALILEO
    Electronic design with CAD/CAE tools
    Three-dimensional mechanical design and solid modelling
    Electric and pneumatic automation
    Optical recognition system for infrared and visible systems
    Systems for audio reproduction and digital registration
    Mathematic modelling, operational research, decisional algorithm
    Environmental robotics
Latest news

Nov. 2010
Faber is on the rise for journalist in the green ...

Nov. / Dic. 2010
Also for Faber a special supplement in Ecomondo 2010...

11th nov. 2010
A treasure at the employers hands [...]”. Interview to Eng. Massimo Mendia

8th nov. 2010
Faber would like to thank everyone who visited our stand at INTERNATIONAL EXIBITION “ECOMONDO” in Rimini.

25th feb. 2010 Villaricca (Na)
At the "Siani" School, presentation of SMART and prizes for those who separate solid waste.

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