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FABER applies ECO–Value to the Italian scenario and shapes it according to the peculiarity of collection and own management in each territory. In this way one can obtain the punctual rating through the monitoring, accounting and the control of conveyance of waste, both recyclable and unsorted on behalf of all the users involved.

The benefits of ECO–Value by Faber are:

    1. High and growing yield of the collection of recyclable fractions;
    2. Top–Quality of recyclable fractions in order to obtainTop Value of the market;
    3. Reduction of volumes and relativeservice costs;
    4. Lower production of waste using more eco–sustainable domestic consumption.
In particular, Faber solutions are projected towards the maximum productivity of the workers, the maximum convenience for Administrations and Management and the maximum advantage for the users according to the Golden rule of Waste and Recycling Management, the 3C's:
    - Convenience
    - Comfort
    - Communication

Also, in the case of unsorted waste accounting, ECO-Value technologies and equipment provide both weight and volume of the handed over material.
All the equipments composing an ECO-Value system do perform the following functions:

    1. identify the User;
    2. control the quality of each piece of bag of waste conveyed by each user;
    3. measure the weight and the volume of the delivered waste by each user;
    4. measure the current solid level un the container;
    5. store the data locally;
    6. transfer wirelessly the data to a Central Control Station.

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11th nov. 2010
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8th nov. 2010
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25th feb. 2010 Villaricca (Na)
At the "Siani" School, presentation of SMART and prizes for those who separate solid waste.

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